HR Compliance Training Courses for Managers

As HR specialists know, compliance is everything when it comes to keeping a business up and running. The importance of employee retention strategies for startups can’t be overlooked. Employee retention can make or break your company’s expansion plans. Similarly, a...

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How to Calculate Employee Turnover Rate

Your company’s employee turnover rate can make or break your business. You should know whether your business is losing talented workers at a rapid pace — so you can do something about it. By learning how to calculate employee turnover rate, you can make data-driven...

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HR Analytics Tools for Measuring Employee Engagement

High levels of employee engagement lead to high levels of productivity, employee satisfaction, and talent retention. The opposite is also true: if your engagement levels are low, you’re going to have lower productivity, more frustration in the workplace, and high...

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Offboarding Checklist for HR Managers

For Human Resources (HR) managers and consultants, certain aspects of the job may feel more difficult and thankless than others. Employee offboarding can fall into this category, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Offboarding shouldn’t be an afterthought or...

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How to Implement Effective HR Policies and Procedures

A company’s day-to-day operations are directly impacted by its policies. Human resources policy guides both employees and management when complicated issues arise. It is also what governs the company’s response to unethical, illegal, or otherwise unacceptable...

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Best Employee Retention Strategies for Startups

Employee retention is one of the most important things a startup can do to ensure long-term success. This is especially vital for an outsourced HR company’s expansion and reorganization plans in Europe. So many startups are run by incredibly smart, capable people who...

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How Can HR Outsourcing Reduce Costs For Your Business?

Human resource demands can overwhelm your small or medium business. This area of your business is critical, especially if you want to move your company to a foreign country. If you find that your current HR system can’t keep up, you might need an HR outsourcing...

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Diversity and Inclusion Training for Remote Teams

As a multitude of companies grow their operations and expand globally, diversity and inclusion training become more vital for employees. In order to grow successfully and flourish as an organization, it’s important to understand the varying complexities of Human...

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Gross Vs. Net Pay: What Is the Difference?

Salaries are often considered a main selling point for talent recruitment. Companies with a clear vision, great business practices, a variety of benefits, and high compensation will have an amazing pool of candidates from which to fill their positions. But what does a...

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