Inclusion Training for Remote Teams: Embrace Diversity

As a multitude of companies grow their operations and expand globally, diversity and inclusion training become more vital for employees. In order to grow successfully and flourish as an organization, it’s important to understand the varying complexities of Human...

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Gross Vs. Net Pay: What Is the Difference?

Salaries are often considered a main selling point for talent recruitment. Companies with a clear vision, great business practices, a variety of benefits, and high compensation will have an amazing pool of candidates from which to fill their positions. But what does a...

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How Can HR Strategy Support Small Business Growth?

Small businesses need to be agile if they want to grow. Things can change quickly, and if your startup doesn’t invest in a solid HR strategy from the beginning, you could end up bogged down. The value of HR consulting in business is often overlooked, but it’s integral...

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The European Privacy Act – What Does HR Need To Know?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. The Sense Of EU-Wide Privacy Legislation Technological developments do not take place at national level, but at international level. The EU has a fragmented...

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Conquering Stress and Anxiety with 5 Coping Strategies

Everyone has bad days or feels a bit down from time to time. It’s perfectly normal and a typical response to the everyday stress of work and life in general. However, if you are continually under stress because of workplace issues or financial worries, it will soon...

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When To Outsource Your Small Business’s HR

Small businesses need a solid human resources (HR) foundation in order to pave the road for successful growth and a thriving workplace. However, for small companies expanding internationally, building an inhouse HR department can prove costly and time-consuming.  HR...

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