Global Recruiting Trends Of 2016

What does 2016 have in store for the future of recruitment? The recruitment sector is an ever-evolving landscape, with a nature that has proved previously unpredictable in its entirety. However, it is possible to forecast a pretty clear idea of where things are heading, especially when you have resources like LinkedIn behind you.

The world’s largest professional network have published their 5th annual report that surveyed 3,894 global talent acquisition decision makers and Lucas Blake have compiled the key information to form the infographic below (download).

In order to maintain relevance in the changing forecast approaching for 2016, it’s essential to take note of the latest trends in order to build upon progression made in 2015.

Hire Top Talent Faster

Talent acquisition teams are placing a higher emphasis on quality hires, with the pool of applicants ever-increasing and skill levels gaining in many sectors, the viability of the latest addition to the team will account for increasing importance in 2016.

Employer Branding

With social media and company websites becoming increasingly important, with companies investing more in their branding efforts. Creating a cohesive brand identity is becoming increasingly important, with South Africa, South East Asia and Brazil at the forefront of this trend. 59% of companies are investing more in their employer brand compared to last year. Placing a higher emphasis on a company brand’s desirability in order to attract the right kind of talent is due to become the foundation of 2016 recruitment trends.

Employee Referrals

Previously, this may have become known as a trend of the past, with personal referrals or ‘ins’ to the company being replaced by the accessibility of the internet as an application platform. Opportunities are increasing for referral schemes, with employee referrals beginning to emerge as a long-lasting trend. With 39% of talent leaders ranking high on using employee referrals, the trend is set to increase. In order to use these recruiting insights for your business in 2016, take a look at the insights featured on the infographic here.

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