Case Study: Start-Up – Expanding – Reorganize in Multiple European Countries

Start UP, Expanding and Reorganize in multiple European Countries

Are you looking for an outline of services, estimated time and costs of your HR needs in any European Country you are looking to start up, expand, or to reorganize?

Here are 7 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS to consider:

  1. Do you require a consultation of set up of entities and/or determination if you can hire employees in countries based on existing entities?

We provide corporate law legal assistance in setting up branches, legal entities in all EU countries and are able to guide you with the various local country options. We can provide you an overview on potential costs and timelines as an example. 

  1. Do you require design and implementation of tailor employment contracts?

We provide bi-lingual fully tailor made employment contracts for all EU contracts which are 100% legally compliant. We also keep you up to date with any local legislative changes.

  1. Would you like to know about the New hire and Termination process and procedural assistance?

We are able act as your HR partner to assist you with new hire procedures and are savvy with procedural termination assistance. The only part we do not do is the drafting of termination agreements, but we cooperate with a legal network of boutique law firms who typically charge up to 40% less in comparison with big international law firms.

  1. Do you require consultation on benefits schemes for that country including what is required and what is optional and competitive for your industry and company size.

We work with local broker partners who are part of a large global network to arrange for the mandatory collective bargaining driven benefits. We usually share the local employment conditions in all its aspects so you know up front what your options are.

  1. Are you looking for assistance with competitive salary information (base and bonus) for your positions?

We are in possession survey data and local salary data.

  1. Are you looking for continued assistance with employment practices consultation and guidance?

We can help you with the full ranges of your specific needs. We can draft local employee handbooks, policies, procedures which gives you a full overview of local employment practices.

  1. Do you require recruitment support?

We have lots of recruitment experience in multiple countries and can recommend a range of partners in your industry. We can do screening, facilitate interview/selection and do offer.

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