Benefits of European Virtual HR Expertise

A Virtual Human Resources Consultant is an independent HR consultant who can assist you in managing your business in multiple ways, either remotely or in person. The advantages of hiring a Human Resources consultant are countless. Here are five highlights to show you the benefits of contracting the consultant team of Europe HR Solutions:

1. Recruitment And Termination

Recruiting an employee in one of the European countries can take a long time, because we need to establish the core competencies an employee must possess  in order to ensure that he will meet business objectives. This process involves publishing the position, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, selecting the candidate and providing the New Hire Orientation. On the other hand, the termination procedures are different in every European country and it is always good to know up front what your legal risks are.

2. Employee Handbook And Policies

An employee handbook is a guide to the mandatory legal country policies and procedures a company have for its employees. It is an indispensable tool and sometimes it is required in many industries to be in compliance by the local collective bargaining agreements.

3. Employer Liability Management

In Europe we are obligated to comply with local laws. For this reason, not having a process to handle employee’s records correctly, could jeopardize businesses and could cost significant amounts of money. More important, having and updating a record per employee can benefit the business in case of any legal proceeding or claim. Find relief from time-consuming legal paperwork and let us help you manage your risk.

4. Country Government Compliance

You don’t have to face employer liability issues alone. We’ll help you manage your employer obligations more effectively and identify your risks for litigation, unemployment statutes/claims, country-specific statutes, Implementation, Country legal entity set up & implementation.

5. Benefit And Payroll Management

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace is to attract and retain top talent by providing quality, competitive benefits packages. Europe HR Solutions will help you provide various insurance plans, retirement plans and other essential employee benefits. Europe HR Solutions will help you manage payroll activities: Payroll processing, Tax deposits, Accounting assistance, Country-specific payroll compliance, Employee expense reimbursement and Records management.

Streamlining your employee benefits packages and making them accessible can be a game-changer. Consider implementing benefits software solutions for mid-sized companies as you acquire new talent.

Europe HR Solutions can provide significant financial savings with HR outsourcing and fast and accessible solutions to help you keep your business in legal compliance. HR outsourcing can also help you to implement and align internal HR processes. An HR consultant can also help you navigate through and apply any innovations in HR for the future workplace.

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      About the author

      The author of this article

      Inez Vermeulen is the Founder and CEO of Europe HR Solutions, with over 25 years of successful corporate and entrepreneurial experience in various global industries. She has helped grow and expand the European divisions of global companies such as Coca-Cola Company, Regus, DHL, American Medical Systems, etc. Inez has received several company awards for her entrepreneurial spirit and success.

      She owns a Bachelor’s degree in French, History and Latin, several HR global expert certifications, a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences, ICF Coach Certification and has completed her Doctorate on Transformational Leadership. Inez is fluent in Dutch, English, French, Italian and German. She works in partnership with an extensive international network of independent & professional companies and resides in Belgium near Brussels with her husband Jan.